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This is a channel about entertainment, interviews, travels, educational services, namely, providing a website featuring blogs and non-downloadable videos in the field of comedy, travel, public interest, family life and creating wealth, since 2017.

Marcelo Veiga, according to brazilian EXAME MAGAZINE, is one of the pioneers of digital entrepreneurship in the world. He is sure that the digital world is the solution to turning your business and personal success into reality. Marcelo holds a bachelor of law degree, is a journalist, financial advisor, composer, surfer, digital entrepreneur and author of several books. Maintains a number of blogs, websites and Youtube channels, as well as his personal website www.marceloveiga.com about financial education and digital marketing.

He worked for Globo Network Television, as assistant TV director, and was a two-page article in Exame Magazine on June 28, 2000 about his digital achievements.  It has produced over a hundred websites and YouTube channels, directed over 800 documentaries and video commercials that already reach over 100 million viewers worldwide. Your Youtube channels have over 300K subscribers and over 1,000,000 minutes of watched videos every month. In 2012, he received a scholarship to take an Advanced Leadership Course on Maui in Hawaii, USA, when he came in contact with breakthrough Digital Marketing techniques that allow anyone to “sell anything over the internet and create profitable online businesses.

“This experience at the Haggai Institute, with theoretical and practical classes on leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, film, television, photography, communication, advertising, social networking, youtube, in short, a vast hands-on collection of disciplines on how to sell anything online and create profitable digital business.

“His books like“ It is Not Rich Just Whom Doesn’t Want Be ”and“ Millionaire Factory ”talk about financial investments, and address the diverse possibilities of living on digital income like in“ Formula Online ”. To learn more sign up at http://www.marceloveiga.com, and get valuable tips on finance and online entrepreneurship. ” Marcelo is currently a professor at the HOW TO INVEST IN THE STOCK EXCHANGE course that has already trained more than 10,000 students in 19 countries and in the FORMULA ONLINE digital marketing course.

Marcelo Veiga on his Youtube Channel “HOW TO ENRICH” won the Youtube Silver Plate award for the first 100K followers and today the channel already has over 300k followers. He also won the Hotmart Black Producer Award for reaching his first million dollars in sales. What is not lacking about Marcelo Veiga, are hundreds of testimonial videos from people who were his students and always insist on giving testimonials about the quality of his teachings and his courses.



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